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external Network Vulnerability Assessment (eNVA)

Psicurity’s external Network Vulnerability Assessment (eNVA) provides customers a picture of their network security from an external attackers perspective. Our "white hat" team of intrusion analysts examine externally networked systems "in the blind," and generate a Target Map of the network “attack surface.” The analysts then create a thorough list of potential network and system vulnerabilities, and attempt to exploit each vulnerability to gain further access into the network's critical systems.

Our team works to identify both standard vulnerabilities, and less obvious “compound vulnerabilities,” that might provide malicious attackers with unauthorized access to your network.

Psicurity’s eNVA fulfills the requirement for regular penetration tests, as required by official compliance regulations, such as SOX, PCI, and ISO27001.

Psicurity recognizes that security testing isn't useful unless the results are relevant and succinct. Our custom documentation and electronic deliverable format provides our clients with highly actionable Network Vulnerability Assessment Reports that are easy to understand and navigate.